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BUOffCampus is the only apartment search platform designed by BU students, for BU students. We've been in your shoes before and know that searching for the perfect off campus apartment at BU can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve spent the last several years researching and experiencing life off campus. Our goal is to inform interested students on the best places to live off campus, and our wisdom becomes our advice.

Even with all of this knowledge, experience, and eagerness to help you make the move off campus, we still are not licensed real estate agents. That’s why we decided to partner with a few of the best realtors in Boston. We vetted every realtor to make sure they shared the same passion and knowledge that we do when it comes to off campus living at BU. This means you won’t get stuck with the uninformed, inexperienced and unreliable realtor that may be waiting for you on Zillow.

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Unlike other sites, every realtor on BUOffCampus is vetted, verified, and specializes in working with BU students. By combining our knowledge about BU with expert, passionate and licensed realtors we are able to create the perfect off campus apartment

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BUOffCampus was created by BU students. That means we understand things that most realtors don't. Like how dangerous living in an apartment next door to T’s is, or how to find the perfect apartment for the Allston crawl.


We took a complicated process and made it easier than something. Insert more text here about how simple our website is and how great we are, yay we’re great.


Just across the MBTA B Line tracks, the neighborhood of Allston represents a cheaper, more student oriented alternative to the neighboring town of Brookline. Home to the notorious “Allston Crawl”, Allston has been considered THE neighborhood for BU students looking to move off campus for decades. Although many students are initially attracted by the cheap rent and major house party scene, many soon realize that Allston has a lot more to offer than bars... Read More


Home to over 20 delis, 75 parks, playgrounds, and some of the best shopping in the Boston area, Brookline apartments have been sought after by BU students (and professors) for decades. Known as the quieter and classier alternative to Allston, Brookline has plenty to offer as a neighborhood. Hip, newly renovated areas such as Coolidge Corner provide convenient and high end shopping while parks such as the Armory offer extensive space to relax, a rare c Read More

South Campus

Close to the neighborhoods of Brookline and Kenmore Square and only a 5 minute walk to campus, South Campus has been a popular area amongst BU students since the ‘80s. The apartments in South Campus serve as a middle ground between the rowdy, often less expensive living in Allston and the expensive, downtown living of Kenmore and Copley Square. Read More


Living in downtown Boston is an experience every BU student wishes they’ll have at least once during their college career. Although it is not always the cheapest option when hunting for an off campus apartment, living downtown may be more affordable than you think, and stretching your budget to make it happen is absolutely worth it. Read More