Verified brokers

Verified Brokers

Knowing Bu is only half the battle

So we've teamed up with the best realtors in Boston to find you the perfect off campus apartment.

When we started, we knew that we understood how living off campus played into the BU student experience and that we had extensive experience hunting for off campus apartments around BU; however, the one thing that we lacked were realtors licenses.

Faced with this issue, we decided to establish partnerships with a select group of realtors in the Boston area who were focused on finding BU students off campus apartments. After a grueling interview process, we were able to select a group of licensed realtors who have countless years of experience renting and selling apartments specifically to BU students.

Any realtor that you’re matched with through understands the logistics and experience of living off campus at BU. Want to live in the heart of the Allston Crawl? Tell them that and your realtor will find you the perfect house to throw down at. Want a short commute to Comm? Let your realtor know and they’ll show you apartments within walking distance of your 8am lecture. You get the get searching for an apartment and don’t be alarmed if you see the realtor you match with at Sunset next week.